August Launch 18'

Along came not only our second but biggest launch yet, AUGUST LAUNCH 18'

We will have a range of products for not only your littlest loves (Boys + Girls) but products for Mama's too! These products will be a variety of things yet limited, so we can still keep the suspense for future releases and still save that bank account of yours come launch night... ;)

It will be big, it will be interesting and it will certainly be loved! Just as much as I have loved making it all happen for you, Mama's!

Please turn on those notifications, set those alarms, grab a wine or two, AND fill those carts (don't hesitate to double up, as stock will be limited) then, ENJOY!!

Thank you to each and everyone for all of your love and support so far and I will see you on launch night, 19.08.18 @ 7pm AEST.

With love,

ma, The label